Souvenir Shop in Dunedin, FL

Finding the perfect souvenir to take home or picking out the perfect gift for someone can be a mystery. At Open Flo, we make gift and souvenir shopping a whole lot easier by being your one stop shop!

Our gift shop is recognized for its wide array of items for people of all ages! Whether you're looking for Florida style souvenirs like keychains, magnets, toys or t-shirts to bring them home from the trip to Florida or you're in search for southern style gifts to your loved ones, you can rest easy knowing that we've got it all! As a souvenir shop, we have a variety of Florida souvenirs you or a loved are sure to love. Unlike other gift shops, our products are top of the line in quality. From a fine variety of women's accessories to custom t-shirts or home accessories, you can find something for everyone here at Open Flo!


Why Choose Us

  • Family Owned
  • Something for the Whole Family
  • It’s all about Florida: Souvenirs, Gifts and Clothes!